September 19, 2011

Photo of the Day - 19 September

Okej, I understand you people who don't think I talk too much  about anything. It's true but here on forward I'll try to get better. I'm going to publish one photo a day that will reflect that day. Starting today!

Here is my beautiful friend Justina I met up with today after school and a quick lunch at home. We went to a café for a coffee  (well she ordered a coffee not me) to try to catch up with what happened since last time. Love you girl and gotta do it again, soon!

- Sara


  1. spännade drömmade blick. Skön varm färgskal. Aningens för ljust. Överexponerad näsrygg. Jag hade nog hålt igen de partierna men ändå försökt hålla kontrasten i håret mm under kontroll....

  2. haha, inte så lätt när man inte har Ps...

  3. Tack för igår sötis! Igen snart! :)